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Summer Holidays 2018

Dear Customers, Business Partners and Suppliers

Please be advised that our office will be closed for summer Holidays, starting on July 30th until August 17th.

We wish you and yours a wonderful summer holidays.
Your Crystal Team

Stock Clearance

Please find below our stock clearance sale. All Prices are ex works Altendorf/Switzerland and excluding Mwst (VAT Tax). This offer runs for a limited time. As usual we have the first come first serve policy.


Crystal acquired Magnet Division

Crystal Display Electronics AG acquired per 01.01.2018 the business division Magnets and Reed Switches from the Swiss Company HME Elektronik AG. In the field of magnets and reed switches we develop and produce permanent magnets, reed switches and magnet systems. We supplies customized NdFeB-, AlNiCo-, Hard Ferrite, SmCo- and plastic-bonded Magnets. From prototype construction to mass production: We provide you maximum possible flexibility and patience for the solution delivery.

We have satisfied customers in the following branches: Drive Technology, Automotive-, Machine-, Medical-, Electronic- and Chemical Industry, etc.

Merry Christmas

Dear Customers, Business Partners and Suppliers

A special Christmas greeting from us to you for your loyalty and confidence in our service.

Please be advised that our office will be closed for the winter holidays, starting on December 22nd, 2017 until January 5th, 2018.

We’ve appreciated our partnership with you and wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Your Crystal Team

Audioplayer AP01

The new audio player AP01 by m.o.l.i.t.o.r. from Berlin was specially designed for exhibitions, trade fairs, sales installations or information centres. All commercially available headphones or one-hand earpieces can be connected to the connection-friendly Phoenix socket. An easy-to-create playlist also allows complex processes to be implemented. In combination with nine freely assignable inputs, sophisticated applications can be realised with push-buttons or sensors. The audio files can be stored either on an SDHC memory card or on a USB stick. The integrated amplifier allows you to connect up to two headphones or one-hand earpieces.

VIA One Hand Earphone

The VIA one-hand earphone was developed by m.o.l.i.t.o.r. Berlin as a newly designed earpiece for intensive use in museums and adventure areas. It convinces with its slim design and robust casing. Its casing is made of polyamide. In addition to the standard versions in white, black and grey, we can have VIA produced in different materials and colours. VIA is held by a magnet at its base and an integrated magnetic switch (reed switch) starts the audio or video clip when picking up the earphone.

9 Channel Audio and Light Control

Complex applications and processes can be realised with the 9 channel audio and light control. This smart controller allows the per-second control and playback of max. 99 audio files. The audio files and a TXT control file are located on the SDHC memory card. Max. 9 power connections can be controlled individually, together or synchronously with the audio files. The 9-channel audio and light control is designed for continuous operation. Storage medium: SDHC memory card connections: Stereo-Jack 3.5 mm, 10 units terminals for 100-240 VAC

Applications: Museums, shop windows, video art, etc.

Android Touch Tablets

Our little all-in-one sales consultants ensure an impressive shopping experience at the POS and increase the value of your products. But they can also be used as door signage, products selector or for goods management. The Touch-Tablets are available in sizes of 10.1 to 18.5 Inch and are equipped with a Projected Capacitive touch system. The built-in Cortex Quad Core processor ensures the necessary performance. Brightness 500 cd/m2 - Interfaces USB, RJ45. Micro USB, SDHC card slot, etc. - Power supply PoE (Power over Ethernet) or 12 VDC connection - Internal memory 8GB.We would be happy to program the desired touch applications for you. An app for simple touch applications up to 10 touch fields is available at a flat rate.

New Media Player with Relay Outputs

At the EXPONATEC in Cologne, we present to you our new 1080P media player for the first time. The new media player is a further development of the well-known movebox player series, of which more than 85000 pieces have been sold worldwide till date. In addition to the proven potential-free inputs, the new media player is equipped with an amplifier and 9 separate relay outputs. This allows lighting, engines, pumps etc. to be switched on and off in sync with the content being played.

New UHD Media Player from AV Stumpfl

The new UHD player from AV Stumpfl can play H265 files up to a resolution of 3840x2160 (60 fps) and synchronise via IP network with other UHD players in a frame-exact manner. The new UHD Player also syncs actively while playing, so players do not disperse. The AV Stumpfl UHD Player was developed for 24 hour-7 day use. Connections HDMI-USB-SDHC-LAN-RS232-GPIO. Applications can be found in museums, trade fairs, theme parks, etc.

Stele with built-in 40 Inch LCD Monitor

The new Stele with built-in 40 inch LCD monitor captivates through its timeless design and functionality. It was designed for continuous operation and allows the playback of files via SDHC memory card, USB stick, LAN or WIFI. Custom colours and 40" to 82" LCD monitors are available. The casing provides sufficient space for a PC or other components. A service panel on the back allows the replacement of the desired hardware or files.

Slim 7 and 8 Inch built-in monitors

The slim 7 and 8 Inch built-in monitors play video clips in endless loop mode during power supply. The files on the internal memory are replaced and the power is supplied via a mini-USB interface. An additional USB interface allows automatic copying of new files during operation. Battery operation via USB is possible with a power bank: A battery with 10‘000 mAh lasts for about 15 hours.

A5 Booklet with 7 Inch Monitor

This super thin 7.0 Inch LCD Monitor is packed in a printed booklet and plays videos and sound automatically after you open the booklet. The desired files can be loaded via USB interface to the internal 2GB memory. The play time with a full charged battery is about 90 min.


Low Cost movebox Mediaplayer

New low cost mediaplayer movebox HD 1080P-1 for high quality presentation of your advertising information. The new low cost mediaplayer movebox HD 1080P-1 allows you to play your Video Clips, MP3 Music Files and JPEG Pictures in a crystal clear Full HD quality. With the HDMI or Composite Interface you can connect this unit easily to your LCD Monitor, TV or Video Projector. As soon as you plugged in the power the system will play immediately the content from the memory card endless.


Media Card

This super thin 7 Inch LCD Monitor is packed in a neutral cardboard box and plays video clips and pictures after power is supplied. The desired files can be loaded via USB interface to the internal memory.


Transparent 10 Inch Showcase

Retail Superstar: This all-in-one solution offers you the ultimate product showcase. This highly transparent 10 Inch Display includes all the components to create an extraordinary display environment: Crystal clear 10 Inch LCD module, memory card player and a powerfull LED lighting.

Applications: Showcases for Shops or Museums, POS-Displays, Video Art, etc.