46 Inch NEC Monitors with fire protection frame

The special metal frames with protection glass, developed by Crystal Display Electronics AG, are an effective fire protection. Fire protection frames with safety glas are available for different labels and monitor sizes.

15 Inch Monitors for MOMA in New York

Installation of Dieter Roth, MOMA New York, 150 pcs 15 Inch CRT Monitors

46 Inch High Bright Monitor with LCD enclosure

46 Inch High Bright LCD Monitor 1500 cd/m2 with enclosure for the historical museum of Frauenfeld.

32 Inch Monitor with enclosure

32 Inch Monitor with LCD enclosure for the Ski-Arena

40 Inch and 19 Inch Panel Mount Monitors

40 Inch and 19 Inch Panel Mount Monitors for control rooms. Redundant Power Supply and Video Signals.

22 Inch Touch Screen Monitor, IP64, Multitouch, USB Hub

10.2 Inch Open Frame Monitor with built-in SD Card Player

10 Inch Open Frame Monitors with SDHC Card Player for the luxury watch manufacturer PANERAI with special OSD Input terminal.

Ticket Dispenser with 15 Inch Monitor

CNC Controller with 15 Inch Monitor

20 Inch Monitors for Flight Simulator

Controller with 10.4 Inch Monitor

46 Inch Monitor with Computer, RUAG

12 Inch Open Frame Monitor, Holcim

Airport Zürich Busterminal

CCTV with 6.4 Inch built-in Monitor

CCTV: 4 Inch Video Monitor

Screens in different sizes

Screens in different sizes, manufactured for a swiss media company

13.3 Inch Open Frame Monitors

13.3 Inch customer specific open Frame monitors, for mirror cabinets